Sock it to me Saturday 

 Purse Socks


Purse Sock Purse sock: Noun. A sock knitting project one keeps in their purse or other personal bag so as to have something to knit at all times. Used in a sentence:
The doctor is running 2 hours late; more time for me to work on my purse sock.  


My favorite yarn for purse socks is Opal. I love Opal. It’s quite possible that I have multiple Opal socks going at the same time. 

I don’t use a pattern for purse socks. I know the recipe to knit socks: how many stitches I need to cast on, how long I like the leg, how to knit the heel flap, turn the heel, knit the gusset, how long to knit the foot, how to decrease for the toe, and….wait for it….I can Kitchner with looking it up. Hand me a ball of yarn and needles and I can knit you a sock, no pattern needed. Sometimes I change up the patterning on the leg, straight stockinette, ribbing, my favorite is k3, p1.

Do you have any purse socks in the works? Let’s see them! 

By the way I finished Apollonia, coincidentally enough, the day Prince died. RIP. 



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