Packing for a runDisney racecation

I technically leave tomorrow night for my next racecation at Disneyland for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend. We fly to CA bright and early Thursday, hopefully early enough that I can snag some of the awesome gear at the expo. (Fingers crossed) 

I’m running the Pixie Dust Challenge, 10k Saturday, 1/2 Sunday, all the medals, and yes I’m getting the Pink Coast to Coast medal!!! 

So if you follow me on social media be prepared to be bombarded with all the Disney. 

I thought I’d share with you how I pack for a runDisney racecation today. 

I’m checking a bag and carrying a bag on. 

My carry on ALWAYS has my race outfits and race sneakers. I am not taking any chances with those, especially my sneakers. I pack my race outfits in their own big ziploc everything I’m going to wear for the race goes in the bag: socks, underwear, sports bra, shirt, pants/skirt, if I’m wearing to run it goes in the bag. This way I know I have all my pieces and when it’s time to get ready at 4:30am I have everything I need. 

 I’m also taking a magazine or 2, my iPad and some knitting, easy stuff: some socks and a shawl.  I still don’t know what to watch on the flight, suggestions are welcome. 

I’m wearing my Ariel sneakers on the plane with my Princess Up jacket from the Princess Half weekend, and my compression socks along with my new RunShine bracelets: one for Tinkerbell FB group identification and one for princess half commemoration, my new running Pandora bracelet and maybe my Alex and Anis. (More about these in another post later this weekend.)

 I’m not a big jewelry wearer but I really want to wear all of these. 

Unlike a normal vacation, I tend to pack light for a runDisney racecation. Mostly because I know I am getting at LEAST 3 new shirts. And if the Gods of the Expo smile upon me I will also be buying at least 3 others: the “I Did It!”shirts. I will also throw in my old running shoes in case it rains and for walking around the park. 

And yes the only shirts I’m packing are my 2016 Princess Half Marathon ones. 

Toiletries are packed last. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Also going in my check bag are my Gu, Beans, and Nuun; my fuel belt and phone case. I’m not as worried about these not making it because they are more easily replaced than run tested apparel and broken in running shoes. I’m also taking my tiger tail. 

Most importantly, I’m leaving room to bring home souvenirs. 


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