Packing for a runDisney racecation

I technically leave tomorrow night for my next racecation at Disneyland for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend. We fly to CA bright and early Thursday, hopefully early enough that I can snag some of the awesome gear at the expo. (Fingers crossed) 

I’m running the Pixie Dust Challenge, 10k Saturday, 1/2 Sunday, all the medals, and yes I’m getting the Pink Coast to Coast medal!!! 

So if you follow me on social media be prepared to be bombarded with all the Disney. 

I thought I’d share with you how I pack for a runDisney racecation today. 

I’m checking a bag and carrying a bag on. 

My carry on ALWAYS has my race outfits and race sneakers. I am not taking any chances with those, especially my sneakers. I pack my race outfits in their own big ziploc everything I’m going to wear for the race goes in the bag: socks, underwear, sports bra, shirt, pants/skirt, if I’m wearing to run it goes in the bag. This way I know I have all my pieces and when it’s time to get ready at 4:30am I have everything I need. 

 I’m also taking a magazine or 2, my iPad and some knitting, easy stuff: some socks and a shawl.  I still don’t know what to watch on the flight, suggestions are welcome. 

I’m wearing my Ariel sneakers on the plane with my Princess Up jacket from the Princess Half weekend, and my compression socks along with my new RunShine bracelets: one for Tinkerbell FB group identification and one for princess half commemoration, my new running Pandora bracelet and maybe my Alex and Anis. (More about these in another post later this weekend.)

 I’m not a big jewelry wearer but I really want to wear all of these. 

Unlike a normal vacation, I tend to pack light for a runDisney racecation. Mostly because I know I am getting at LEAST 3 new shirts. And if the Gods of the Expo smile upon me I will also be buying at least 3 others: the “I Did It!”shirts. I will also throw in my old running shoes in case it rains and for walking around the park. 

And yes the only shirts I’m packing are my 2016 Princess Half Marathon ones. 

Toiletries are packed last. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Also going in my check bag are my Gu, Beans, and Nuun; my fuel belt and phone case. I’m not as worried about these not making it because they are more easily replaced than run tested apparel and broken in running shoes. I’m also taking my tiger tail. 

Most importantly, I’m leaving room to bring home souvenirs. 


Sock it to me Saturday 

 Purse Socks


Purse Sock Purse sock: Noun. A sock knitting project one keeps in their purse or other personal bag so as to have something to knit at all times. Used in a sentence:
The doctor is running 2 hours late; more time for me to work on my purse sock.  


My favorite yarn for purse socks is Opal. I love Opal. It’s quite possible that I have multiple Opal socks going at the same time. 

I don’t use a pattern for purse socks. I know the recipe to knit socks: how many stitches I need to cast on, how long I like the leg, how to knit the heel flap, turn the heel, knit the gusset, how long to knit the foot, how to decrease for the toe, and….wait for it….I can Kitchner with looking it up. Hand me a ball of yarn and needles and I can knit you a sock, no pattern needed. Sometimes I change up the patterning on the leg, straight stockinette, ribbing, my favorite is k3, p1.

Do you have any purse socks in the works? Let’s see them! 

By the way I finished Apollonia, coincidentally enough, the day Prince died. RIP. 


WIP it Wednesday 

I love MKALs. One of my favorite MKAL designers is Wild Prairie Knits. She has a great club with 4 MKALs a year and it includes beautiful yarn, fun patterns, relevant and cute goodies. This year’s club theme is travellibg the world. And this month we traveled to the Netherlands for Bollenstreek. It is a 2 color half circle shawl with beads. 

Here’s a look at everything that came in this month’s kit.

I opted to include the optional project bag. I love project bags, one can never have too many. I especially love the fabric and colors in this one. One of the other nice things about this club is you can pick your own yarn color. Stunning String Studio does an awesome job with coming up with exclusive colors. Always vibrant and always in line with the theme.   I can never pick colors to go together so I asked to be surprised with my yarn colors. And I’m very happy with them. It’s the exclusive Delft Blue and the standard color Lemon Ice. (Yes that’s very pale yellow) One other great extra in this club is an add a bead key chain. You can see this month’s beads in the picture the apropo windmill and blue bead. And no club kit is complete without candy. 

I’m not quite finished with clue 1. Yes I am already behind, rarely do I finish an MKAL on time. Lol. Jury is still out on how I feel about this one. It’s pretty, but not sure if I LOVE it. 

And it’s so had to judge lace before its blocked. Stay tuned. 


Running goals for the rest of the year

For this week’s Tuesday on the run the girls are revisiting their running goals for 2016. Check out Marcia, Erika and Patty’s check-ins. 

I never really set any running goals. I knew I was running the Princess Half and Picie Dust Challenge but they were just for fun and just to do and that was about it. But something happened right before Princess…. I decided I was a runner and I was going to take this running thing more seriously. To me that meant eating to fuel, joing a training group, and adding strength training. 

I joined a training group with a local running store to train for our local half marathon which I completed on April 2. I have a love hate relationship with the group. The Scranton Half deserves it’s own post and it’s coming. 

I had to change my relationship with food. I’ve had a bout or 2 of disordered eating and I kind of know what my triggers are so I needed to change the way I think about food. I used to think diet and exercise, but now it’s fuel and train. It’s not so much about losing weight as it is about gaining muscle. And to do that I hired a trainer and he’s great. And he can handle my mini breakdowns. I strength train 3 days a week and run 3-4 days a week. 

The running bug bit me and I am itching to register for more races. I want to do at least a 5k each month and I have my eye on some halfs in the fall. 

My goals are broad and unspecific without a time limit really.

Stay injury free.

Get stronger. 

Race more. 

Keep improving. 

Journal to keep track of it all. 

Have fun. 


Sock it to me Saturday

Show us your knit socks! Did you just finish a pair? Just start a pair? Have a pair in time out? Working diligently on a pair? Whatever state they’re in share them with us! 

Here’s mine: 

Pattern: Appolonia Socks

Designer: Cookie A

Yarn: Knitting Notions Classic Merino Superwash Sock
Colorway: Purple Rain

Ravelry links: pattern, yarn 

These are from the June Cookie A sock club. It was a Prince themed club month. I loved the color as soon as I saw it, wound it up right away and just started knitting it….a month ago. Slowly they are getting done amongst everything else I’ve got on the needles and training for! 


One Word

One Word

Tuesdays on the Run Linking up with Erika, Marcia, and Patty

This week we are talking about the ONE word that right now, at this very minute describes your running.


Running is mine.

The way I run is all mine.  The time spent running is all mine.  The races I run are all mine.  The bling I earn is all mine.

Allow me to explain.

I recently joined a training to group to not only prepare for a half marathon, but almost more importantly to get some adult time and make some friends. Being a stay at home mom sometimes makes getting adult conversation and making new friends next to impossible.  For awhile it went well.  I was keeping up with the group, I was making new friends, I was getting faster, basically it was all good.
Then I twisted my ankle.  Not a life shattering injury but an injury none the less.  I took a few days off, tested it running at home and it felt good. Went back to run with the group and it was good until the next long run.  And the head cold I got the next day.  I was out of commission for 2 weeks.  After that I just couldn’t keep up. And I wasn’t running my run/race.  I was trying to run someone else’s.

In preparing for the Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K this past weekend I went out for an easy run Thursday. I had been training with the group running continuously, I wanted to take it easy so I decided to turn to my trusty Bridge to 10K app. The first run was run 10 min, walk 1 min, 4 times. Perfect.  The first 10 min were a struggle, but I got it done. The second 10 min were worse.  I was really struggling. I reevaluated.  I ran the Princess Half Marathon in WDW in February and I trained for that using the Galloway method. I did 3 min run, 1 min walk. I started my Galloway half marathon app and started running again. Immediately my body was like “This is how we run. What the hell have you been trying to do?” The rest of the run was great.

At the Hot Chocolate 15K I used my 3/1 interval and I ran my best race.

Run your own race.  Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing.

Running is mine.